• Ep. 6 Eamonn Powers, virtual training, and real learning

    What kind of podcast would we be running if we didn’t have an episode of shameless self promotion? In this episode Eamonn talks about his recently completed study for his […]

  • Ep. 5 Dr. Logan Arrington

    In this episode we talk with Dr. Logan Arrington, Assistant Professor in the College of Education at The University of West Georgia. Dr. Arrington studies failure-based instructional strategies, and how […]

  • Ep. 4 Dr. Rebecca Reese

    In this episode we talk with Dr. Rebecca Reese, Director of Online Learning at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design. We discuss universal design principals and creating inclusive learning […]

  • Ep 3. Dr. Jason McDonald

    In this episode we talk with Dr. Jason McDonald,  Associate Professor at Brigham Young University. We discuss the benefits and pitfalls of “authentic” learning experiences, and why they’re important for […]

  • Ep 2. Dr. Jill Stefaniak

    In this episode we talk with Dr. Jill Stefaniak, Associate Professor at the University of Georgia. We discuss the non-linearity of instructional design models and the systemic consequences of the […]

  • Ep 1. Dr. Shauna Nefos-Webb

    In this episode we talk with Dr. Shauna Nefos-Webb about her research into race, college athletics, and the qualitative research in her dissertation journey. Shauna’s Research: https://getd.libs.uga.edu/pdfs/webb_shauna_l_201505_phd.pdf Books We Talk […]